4 Bold Raiders Predictions for the 2023 NFL Offseason

The Las Vegas Raiders were one of the most disappointing teams in the league in the 2022 season. Now, heading into the NFL offseason, the team needs to make some big moves to become the team we all thought would be the year. past. With that in mind, here are some bold Raiders offseason predictions that include Aaron Rodgers wearing the silver and black.

4. Re-sign Raiders free agent Josh Jacobs

The Raiders don’t have many free agents to re-sign this NFL offseason, but they have a huge one to work out. Running back Josh Jacobs had a breakout career year in 2022. He led the league with 1,653 rushing yards and 2,053 yards from scrimmage. Jacobs also scored 12 touchdowns this season on his way to Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams.

This Raiders offseason, the team is in excellent financial position. They have the fourth most cap space in the league ($46.3 million), so even if they make a big trade at quarterback (track), they should have room to re-sign Jacobs for the next few seasons. .

Paying big money for a RB in the NFL rarely works, but the reason this is a bold Raiders offseason prediction is because, for Vegas, it makes sense. The team needs all the offensive weapons it can have to compete this season to make up for the struggles on defense.

Look to the Raiders to re-sign Josh Jacobs to a three- or four-year deal that becomes tradeable or trimmable after two seasons. That’s the window we’re working with in these bold Raiders offseason predictions.

3. The team drafts a defense

Speaking of the Raiders’ putrid defense, which finished 26th in scoring in 2022, unity should be a priority for the front office during the 2023 NFL offseason. The problem is, most of the money ( and maybe even a first-round pick) will go on offense.

That means the Raiders’ Day 2 and Day 3 draft picks will be focused on defense.

Outside of Maxx Crosby, Chandler Jones and a few young players, the Raiders need help at every position on defense. So in the draft, the defensive rebuild begins with an underrated defensive tackle running to the quarterback, Pitt’s Calijah Kancey.

Kancey is 6-foot-3, 275 pounds, and he’s terrific at going through gaps to stop run plays in the backfield and pressure the quarterback from the middle of the line. With Crosby and Jones on either side of him, Kancey will see tons of one-on-one matchups with the Raiders and turn the defensive front into a fearsome pass-rusher unit.

2. An Aaron Rodgers-Raiders trade

Now, the pièce de résistance of these bold Raiders offseason predictions: Aaron Rodgers will be a Raider in 2023.

The Raiders trade the No. 7 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, a fourth pick from 2023, and a conditional fourth pick from 2024 (which could become a second pick if the Raiders make it to the Super Bowl) to the Green Bay Packers for Aaron Rodgers.

It’s a move that reunited Rodgers with Davante Adams, the receiver he helped make great for seven seasons and who helped Rodgers win three of his NFL MVP Awards in the process. It also gives Rodgers the best combination of weapons he’s had in over a decade with Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs (see above).

With above-average quarterback play, the Raiders can finally live up to the high expectations the team had a year ago when they traded Adams and signed Jones. With Rodgers in the fold, the team will be a contender in the AFC.

And if things work out, they could even be real Super Bowl contenders.

1. The Raiders are going all-in on a two-year streak

All of these Raiders offseason predictions need to be viewed through a two-year window because that’s what the Raiders will be operating in if the above predictions come true.

Key pieces of the team are already locked up through at least 2024, as is Aaron Rodgers if they trade him. That means Mark Davis and Josh McDaniels will steal Peter to pay Paul this offseason and next to bring a Super Bowl to Sin City.

This means signing high-level free agents to back contracts the next two NFL offseasons and making trades at the trade deadline when players become available (like Christian McCaffrey in 2022 or Von Miller in 2021).

Come 2025, the picks will be gone, the salary cap will be a mess, and the Raiders may have serious trouble advancing (think Los Angeles Rams). But, if like the Rams, a Super Bowl win comes with it, it will all be worth it.

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